Saturday, 7 February 2009

No more Ministry of Guesswork

We have started to use our GPS to record all journey times and distances on board Caxton. The spreadsheet created at the beginning of February shows that we are currently averaging 86.94 generation and 13.06 in propulsion. This will drop still further as more data gets added. We have been claiming a 20:80 split when we buy diesel, 20% for propulsion which attracts a higher tax and 80% for energy generation which attracts the lower tax. We will soon be justifiably claiming 10:90 or greater, with good evidence to support this declaration should the tax man calleth...
I wonder if this growing evidence of actual fuel usage will modify the attitude of the fuel retailers that are still refusing to let boaters self declare - Brinklow Marina for example?


BigJohn said...

Does your GPS create a GPX file recording your journey? If so, have a look at Water Explorer - you can keep a log of where you've been, optionally show where you are on a map, and see where you are in the country.
All for free - I'm just a fan!

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Hi Big John
Our current GPS doesn't create a GPX file.