Sunday, 15 February 2009

Quarrymans Walk

Yesterday, Graham, Joe and I along with the four dogs, walked a section of the Quarrymans Walk here at Hartshill. This is a walk thru and around the now defunct quarries to give people a taste of the area's industrial heritage. Below is a photo of the now flooded Jees quarry.

Granite and manganese were the primary products. Granite went mainly for road building and apparently the manganese was used to bleach cloth. The Coventry canal had a number of wharfs that were designated to the loading and transportation of the stone, including the BW Hartshill basin.
Some of the going underfoot was pretty gloopy, especially the towpath between Harsthill Basin and the Anchor pub but much of the route up and around the old quarry's was fine.

We stopped at The Anchor for a pint before resuming our walk, a canal side pub that would have offered refreshment and stabling to boatman and their horses in the past. There was a fantastic vista from the top of the quarry at 440ft , looking out towards Derbyshire in the distance.


dundustin said...

Just been reading your entire blog from conception to build to liveaboard. I have 6 years to go before mortgage is paid off then I plan to liveaboard and have put together my own blog on my ideal layout

One thing i need to ask is how you are getting on with the hurricane heating boiler.
regards dunny

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Hi Dunny
My you are a glutton for punishment reading all my ramblings!
The Hurricane is doing all we expected but we have only been aboard for four months and no servicing has had to be done yet. To date we are very satisfied and happy with our decision to install a proper marine heating unit. I will have a look at your blog - best wishes