Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Blue skies looking at me...

...... Nothing but blue skies do I see..... Now, who sang that song?

This was the scene when I took Fletcher and Floyd out yesterday afternoon. The footpath crosses the field diagonally, last year a crop of wheat, this year oilseed rape. This farm at Kirby- under-Wood seems to grow nothing but wheat or rape, rotating the crop between the fields each year.

The wee church at Kirby-under-Wood sitting alone just outside the village. I usually park the wheels here and set off across field and wood to walk the dogs.
I have been counting down how many more days I will walk this particular walk before the Cottage is sold and we move to Peterborough. When there we will have a property to refurbish before leaving four walls to live full-time aboard Caxton.

When we decamp to Peterborough For what we estimate to be for six weeks I will have easy access to the River Nene and Ferry Meadows Country Park so I can scope out the 2010 transit through aboard Caxton as we head for the Fens!

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