Saturday, 28 March 2009

God's Shag Pile

God's carpet for the spring, or a happy Darwenian accident, whatever you choose to believe but nonetheless beautiful to behold. I am, I freely admit, quite botanically challenged when it comes to naming wild flora but I do recognise the bluebells emerging amidst these charming white bell shaped flowers.And here we have the humble primrose in its woody nest. Very soon the cowslips will be showing in the grasslands and at the same time the bluebells will be lighting up the woodlands with their vivid colour.


eeyore said...

You are forunate. We have just been for a walk along the Oxford Canal towpath and back doewn the river Cherwell and apart from a few daffoldils and the odd celendine, there are no wild flowers at all. I thought I might see some violets or primroses in the wood edges but no. Not a sign!

Nb Caxton said...

You know I think you are right, lots of wild flowers about these parts..