Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Here she goes again...

Below is my second e-mail, sent today, to Huw Irranca Davies the Waterways Minister, about urban towpaths.

Thank you for the attached reply to my e-mail.

You ask if your response addresses my concerns; no it doesn't. In fact sadly, it doesn't even come close. What action has been taken as a result of me bringing this matter to the Minister's attention, any?
The towpath in Loughborough is liberally scattered with dog excrement - there are almost no bins because the Local Authority, Charnwood, is unwilling to enter into any form of partnership with British Waterways about emptying them. You can quote legislation until the cows come home but that does not clear up the towpath and it does not resolve petty turf wars re funding. That needs the imagination of the Minister and their Ministerial Colleagues, Hazel Blears for instance.
My concerns will be addressed when urban towpaths in general are in a good state of repair and free from both litter and dog waste. Local people using the amenity will not modify their behaviour because we wring our hands and wish them to - litter bins and dog waste bins regularly emptied, graffitti regularly cleaned up and vandalism actively countered might do the trick however and that definitely is not the sole preserve of Britsh Waterways to fund and action. So, can this be looked at again with a view to resolving the fundamental problem of where the funding and responsibilities should lie?
Perhaps Huw might like to invite the Chairman of Charnwood Council to accompany him on a walk along the towpath? Be careful where you step though.

Lesley K


Jill and Graham said...

Go girl!

Derek and Dot said...

Jill and Graham have taken the words out of my mouth. Sounds like a petition is needed. No sense of pride thats the problem.
Dot Nb Gypsy Rover

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Most of the people that could make a difference are unaware of the problem, they don't 'walk the job', they live elsewhere and the apparatus of bureaucracy surrounding them is not empowered to do anything. I think the IWA should/could campaign on this one - essentially it is about funding and responsibility, the dog poo is incidental. My irritating little e-mails are not really going to sway a Government Dept to act but I will keep poking them in the ribs anyway...

Derek and Dot said...

Its great you are doing something about it, not just complaining as most of us do, I really admire your tenacity.