Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I'll call you when they're gone....

By lunchtime today I needed to wear sun glasses inside the cottage it being so shiny clean after this mornings' efforts. With the buyers about to turn up for their third viewing I loaded dogs and self into the car, our mission to make ourselves scarce... "I'll call you when they are gone.." says Himself as we take our leave.
Off we trundle, wrapped for inclement weather, well inclement one minute, semi tropical the next, it's that time of year... My mobile stayed suspiciously quiet for the next two and a half hours!
We set off with the trusty GPS and Memory-map to explore the East Glen River.
The river was about 3 feet deep near this bridge, perfect for a Labrador to swim in.

I know it is not MUCH of a river but nevertheless it was teeming with small fish and crystal clear - well clear until Fletcher and Floyd went paddling.

After two and a half hours I made my way home. Did I get a call? Yes of course. As I walked in the door, my mobile rang, it was Himself. "I tried to call you, they went ages ago, where are you?"
In the kitchen dear, in the kitchen...

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