Monday, 9 March 2009


Ner, ner, ner nineteen miles away from Brinklow is Cropredy and Cropredy is the current mooring of a certain boat, a certain boat whose owners have been boasting about CAKES! So at a suitable time late yesterday morning a telegraph message was sent to the 'certain boat' Nb. Matilda Rose to expect a boarding party, a hungry boarding party no less.. Poetic licence here, we were actually invited for lunch it wasn't a really a raid.
We arrived in Cropredy and were met by Graham and Jill, Baxter and Muttley and the eight of us trooped into the Red Lion for a pint and a packet of pork scratchings - for the dogs of course. As we were about to repair to the boat the heavens opened and gales blew snow and sleet horizontally down the village street. A short planning committee meeting decided that another pint would be wise given the threat to life and limb outside and this was heartily seconded by the four dogs who were eyeing a second packet of pork scratchings.
Back at the boat Daisy the Cat was NOT impressed by the invasion of her sanctuary by two large unwanted dogs but open warfare did not break out and while four dogs got reacquainted in the confines of the saloon we were presented with a feast by our hosts and we all got reacquainted around the dining table. It was lovely to see our travelling companions again; until the next time, take care and thank you.


Jill and Graham said...

It was lovely to see all of you too, I am glad Lesley was so full after lunch that she had no room for the last slice of Carrot Cake or was that in consideration of my love for it!

Nb Caxton said...

No consideration at all, what do you take my for? I was just pleasantly replete thank you..