Monday, 30 March 2009

Sunny Sunday

I took myself off with Fletcher and Floyd yesterday afternoon, enough of clearing cupboards it was too good a day to waste, and headed for the Grimsthorpe Estate again. I have lived in Lincolnshire for five years now and only once visited the Castle and until a couple of weeks ago I hadn't been in the park; now I am about to leave these parts I find this veritable gem on my doorstep.
Below, this horse chestnut tree is smothered in burrs - think of all that lovely burr-chestnut to be produced when it is felled.
On our way back I heard a two-stroke motorbike in the distance. As the noise got closer I stopped, turned towards it and waited. Over the brow of a hill appeared the front wheel followed by the helmet and shoulders of the rider who seeing me in the dip looking at him, promptly stopped. I continued to wait and look, a short conversation with his pillion passenger ensued before both dismount. The rider then proceeds down the hill on foot towards me taking his helmet off as he goes.
"Eh, sorry, do yer know where Park farm is?"
I replied No.
"Is it this way?" indicating going past me.
I again replied No.
"Yer don't want me here do yer?"
I replied No, I did'nt.
"Can I go back the way I've come?"
I nod.
"Are yer going to call the Police?"
Producing my mobile from my pocket I reply, maybe.
"Sorry, I'll go back then Ok?"
I nod.
So off he goes back up the hill, mounts his bike, pillion climbs back on and off they go to disturb somewhere else....leaving me to continue walking in peace and them thinking they had just had a close encounter with the owner of a stately home - must have been the tiara...

The two dogs have a different approach to styles, Fletcher is up and over in a trice, you just have to insist that you go first or he takes you out en route, while Floyd looks for any gaps below or to the side before stumbling up the steps throwing himself over; elegant he ain't!


jonali said...

Hi Lesley
Maybe he mistook Floyd and Fletcher for corgies-he was wearing goggles :-)

Nb Caxton said...

You don't think it was my regal air then?

Halfie said...

At least they were polite - most people would surely have roared (or buzzed) off not caring.

Nb Caxton said...

I couldn't fault them on their manners - I think our biker was a young lad enjoying himself - the same as I would have done if I had access to a trail bike when I was younger... But then, this old dragon wasn't rude either...