Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Jobbing Builders

Yesterday we started the refurbishment of our tatty bungalow. This week is designated 'wrecking week', clearing out all the tat; musty carpets, forty year old kitchen and bathroom, a couple of dodgy ceilings, a rickety lean-to cum conservatory and the contents of the loft space.

A sample shot of the kitchen, ancient boiler and yes, that IS a radiator above the worktop!

The lean-to, with rotten window frames and non-safety glass. We managed to get the kitchen units out and broken up, the bathroom ceiling down (polystyrene tiles still attached), all carpets and underlay up and two rooms stripped of wallpaper - lack of water stopped play when Joe had to turn off the rising main. He has now gone off to Wickes to buy a new stop tap; the old one didn't want to play ball...

Under the carpet was a copy of the Daily Mirror 15th August 1968!! Sadly, that doesn't seem too long ago, well it isn't is it?


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

15th August 1968? Did it have news of my impending birth exactly one week later?

Anonymous said...

Busy times - I though you were retired!!!
I guess the siren call of the waterways must be a great incentive to finishing your land-based projects.

Nb Caxton said...

The Daily Mirror? Surely your birth would have featured in The Times!
I said you were a mere child didn't I?

Nb Caxton said...

We have done a few of these in our time, hopefully this will be the last!!!