Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Loading, loading

Himself has set off this morning to Brinklow and Caxton with a heavily laden car. A bulk supply of dog food - there is room in wood crates on the boat roof so why not use it me thinks? Summer clothes to add to supply of winter wear that is already on board, a printer should we need one, artist materials and more books. We move back on Tuesday. The plan is that Joe will change the oil etc. on Wednesday and I will get provisions while we have the car and get everything stowed away. Thursday Joe will drive back to Peterborough, garage the car and head back to Brinklow on public transport. Friday we have AJCanopies coming to measure Caxton for a new cratch cover, semi-trad cover and houdini covers and either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning we will head off north. Can't wait!!!

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