Thursday, 23 July 2009

Deep Hayes Disappoints

Went for a wander around Deep Hayes Country Park this morning. The CP is adjacent to the canal and accessed from bridge 39. Formerly a reservoir built in the mid 19th Century to provide fresh water to the Potteries but abandoned when the maintenance costs made it non-viable and transformed into a Country Park in the mid 1980's. It was a bit disappointing really, dogs on leads, no cycling, (restricted breathing......) no horses, no this, no that, no anything. The park must be run by a former Blackpool Landlady! It was evident that little money had been spent on the park since its conception and things were looking decidedly down at heel. There is still very little traffic, a few hire boats out of Stone and a scattering of private boats are about it. We saw NB. Debdale - we gave it a wave Adam - this morning as they moored behind Nb Matilda Rose at The Hollybush Denford.
No Photo's again as the signal is dire.

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Adam said...

It's Nigel and Alison on board at the moment, if you see them again.