Sunday, 19 July 2009

First Day on the Caldon

Here are the brand new moorings at bridge 8 in Hanley (Stoke-on-Trent). These give access to the centre of town and the Potteries shopping centre. We were going to moor in Hanley park, a well tended and extensive Victorian park but though the moorings were good and plentiful the off side was very overgrown making if difficult for passing boats.

Heading out of town this is the kind of scenery we were passing through.

We moored for the night at Milton (below) arriving at about seven a bit wet and very weary so it was no great task to persuade us to skip the cullinery chores and eat out!

A pint in the Millrace - Jill demonstrates how to do it and Joe gurns for the camera - we decided to stay here and eat as well. Four meals for less than £20! Very good value, well presented and a friendly pub. We will definitely call here again.

We shopped in Milton on Sunday morning before pulling pins. There is a Co-op and a Netto, a Chinese and an Indian restaurant as well as a book store, barbers, hairdressers etc.

He's away....

Above, the lift bridge (21)at Norton Green. Compared to the automated Ivy House (11) lift bridge, this was a doddle to operate.

We moored at lunchtime on Sunday having covered a mere 1.2 miles. Above is the view looking back to Heakley Hall Bridge from Caxton's stern.

Caxton from the bridge.

Note the condition of the towpath. I am really rather taken with the Caldon...


Adam said...

Looking forward to your Caldon reports, as it's on our itinerary for September.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Adam
We have been taking it very slowly so to date we have not seen much of this canal but we are all impressed, so much so that if the stoppage programme permits we are inclined to spend a chunk of the winter here.