Sunday, 5 July 2009

Looking for landfall..

Yesterday afternoon I walked with Fletcher and Floyd to Kings Bromley Wharf. I was looking for a suitable place for us to be moored on Monday when AJ Canopies are coming to fit Caxton's new cratch cover etc. We need somewhere that has road access to allow Fraser to get his van close to the boat. Things didn't look too promising until I spotted the entrance to Kings Bromley Marina - this doesn't feature in my Nicholson's guide - could this be the answer? I tramped down the A515 until I found the road access to the marina and went to see if I could get a temporary mooring for Monday. Yes, they would have been very happy to oblige but sadly the marina was closed on Monday and that means that there would be no one to let AJ Canopies through the security gates. So back to the drawing board then. Today we are going to move Caxton up towards Handsacre and see if we can moor near The Crown at Bridge 58 instead.

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