Sunday, 12 July 2009

Saturday - Birthday Gel

Saturday was my birthday, I have now completed my fifty-fifth year and life is rather good... We moved up from Shugborough to the village of Weston because Jill and Graham thought the Saracens Head might be ideal for a celebratory meal and we were looking for a good TV signal in order to watch the F1 qualifying.
Below, Caxton moored just above the Bridge at Weston.

Above, Graham and Jill of NB Matilda Rose, our travelling companions.
Above, that will be us all washed and scrubbed up...
We had booked a table which was just as well because the restaurant proved to be very popular. We enjoyed a pleasant meal in pleasant surrounding's with very attentive service from the waitress. The food was the pretty usual pub fare these days with main courses in the £10 bracket, sweets and starters at £4 to £5. An OK dining experience but I think I still expect just a little more imagination in the food options.... maybe I am being too unrealistic?


Starcross said...

Sorry I couldn't stop and say Hello properly on Saturday but little things like "work" keep interfering with my boating and "Starcross" had to be got to Penkridge that evening if I was to get back to work on time!

Still it was good to be recognised by fellow bloggers!

Hopefully next time I'll have more time to stop and chat.


Anonymous said...

Many happy returns - you're looking good (and so is himself, of course)!

paul said...

Happy Birthday, Plus an Aussie wins a Grand Prix and nearly the cricket!
Its all good


Nb Caxton said...

Hi Jim
We will see you again no doubt and have a jaw..

Nb Caxton said...

You are too kind, but keep it up! A girl needs all the compliments she can get..

Nb Caxton said...

We watched the Grand Prix and thought Webber was a very deserving winner however, nearly winning the Ashes is a bit much Sir!
Take care