Monday, 20 July 2009

Silly Cow

No, I am not referring to my bovine neighbour here but rather to myself who fell in the cut today.. There I was balanced on the bow applying a bit of canuba wax to the paintwork and on stepping off, in I went. There is now a lump of my shin attached to the base plate and I got a fair old whack to the back of my head as I hit the ground; no problem there then. The travelling pharmacy, known as Nb. Matilda Rose, supplied arnica ointment for the bruises and abrasions and a couple of aspirin dispelled the headache. The thing is, I have still got to polish the waxed paintwork...


indigodream said...

Hope you're ok - maybe you need a trip to the Chelsea Physick garden so that you can add some medicinal herbs to your rooftop garden.

FreeSpirit said...

Hi Lesley,
Falling in is not something you want to do to often. I to fell in after a spot of cleaning at our moorings in Sandiacre. I had just finished hoovering the inside of the boat and had just placed the hoover on the tow path when my feet slipped of the front locker and I ended up in the water between the boat and the towpath. To say I felt an idiot is an understatement and luckily no one was around to see it!! No injuries, just hurt pride.
nb Free Spirit

nb.bobcat said...

Irene it begs the question why you were then going to hoover the towpath.

Lesley - well done at least you have got it out of the way now. I still have that pleasure to come.

Nb Caxton said...

How long think you to get Caxton to Chelsea for this medication?

Nb Caxton said...

Irene, Bobcat has asked the question about your towpath tidying so I won't.... I am afraid that I did have an audience but the 'audience' also hauled my carcas out of the cut so I couldn't keep my slip quiet..

Nb Caxton said...

Thanks, I hope that my canal watersport doesn't become a habit as well.