Saturday, 15 August 2009

Bollington to Bugsworth

Above, a rather confident Grey Heron that decided to pose for us.
I cannot believe that the week has passed so quickly and Jack's Dad is coming up from Essex today to collect his son. We have had a super time - the reason in the main for so little blog posting. We have been ten pin bowling and covered miles and miles and miles of walking. Locks and swing bridges and lift bridges as well as splendid northern landscapes!
We spotted this fellow sporting a rather fetching hair/feather style...

Caxton now moored at Bugsworth Basin.

The Cheshire Mill at Bollington now converted to posh apartments and cafe's and small businesses. Passing this was a perfect excuse for an inpromptu history lesson; Cotton bolls from the southern states of America via Liverpool and Manchester to mills like these via the canals etc. etc.
The art of the stonemason!!

The dogs swabbling over a new toy that they have found.

Another view of the Cheshire Mill at Bollington.

Ah, yes, yet another BBQ alla towpath. We have now been joined by David and Linda of NB Critical Point, so now we are travelling in a 'convoy' of three boats.


Anonymous said...

Caxton's looking mighty fine - you've done a great job of keeping that 'new boat' shine.

Nb Caxton said...

'Widow Twankey' is now washing 63' of steel bath-tub on a regular basis!
Lesley aka WT...