Monday, 31 August 2009

High and Dry

Above, Caxton on Marple service point.
Above, Goyt Mill as you leave Marple.
Caxton was left high and dry yesterday - we had run out of water! A trek by Himself to Disley Co-Op for some bottled water meant we could provide ourselves with tea and keep the dogs water bowl filled. This morning at 06.30 we slipped quietly away and headed for Marple and the services there. There was nobody about and I made quick work of the two lift and one swing bridges we needed to negotiate before turning off of the Peak Forest Canal onto the Macc. The service point (a single service point!) was clear so we moored up and proceeded to service the boat. As soon as I had some water in the tank I started the washing machine in an attempt to breach the mountain of laundry that has built up. The Meile has a fast wash cycle which is about all it is used on aboard Caxton, so I was able to get two washes complete before another boater appeared needing the service point at which we promptly decamped and left the newcomer to service his boat.
We are now moored just north of High Lanes past bridge 7 and the canal is very busy today, we have had to spring Caxton, fore and aft to dampen the movement from passing boats. As I sit here the tumble drier is working its way through our bedding and towels - next load will be the dogs towels and beds. I know we can fill our water tank at Lord Vernon's Wharf tomorrow so I intend to clear the back-log of laundry today. Now there's domestic or what?

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