Friday, 21 August 2009

It's that time already

I have been rummaging in the British Waterways website (as you do) as it's now time to think about renewing Caxton's licence. We are aiming to be on the Fens next summer so a Gold Licence is going to be required from 1st Jan 2010 but it is more economical to buy a Standard annual licence and 'cash it in' when we get the Gold Licence. I can't believe that this time a year ago I was applying for Caxton's first licence and the year has all but gone by - they say time flies when you are enjoying yourself and we are certainly doing that! Life aboard Caxton is all we could have hoped for and more and we both realise that we are very, very fortunate to be in this position. Our first experience living aboard was in the winter, quite a hard winter at that, Caxton having been launched in October, and now we have the summer under our belt as well. Aye lad, life is grand!

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