Sunday, 2 August 2009

Leaving Leek

We pulled the pins just before nine yesterday morning, Caxton winded (turned) in the lagoon and headed off back towards our planned stop at Milton; it was teeming....
I set off on foot with the dogs and Jill and Muttley of NB Matilda Rose joined me for the walk. The persistent and heavy rain had felled a rowan tree across the canal just beyond our mooring but with care both boats were able to slip under it. First stop was bridge 31 and the Park Lane services. With the prospect of fresh water supplies the washing machines on both Caxton and Matilda Rose had been switched on as we left leek. By the time Caxton had reached the services the dishwasher had been run and two wash loads completed. It is a well rehearsed process now, getting as much washing done on the run to and from water. The rain eased and we continued our journey back along the lovely Cauldon to Stockton Brook and the five locks there. With Caxton leading, we had a pretty easy run down with four of the five locks in our favour. As we leave a lock I close the gates and hasten back to open the ground paddles to start filling the lock for Nb Matilda Rose. It was then a short hop from Stockton through two lift bridges to last night's mooring between Engine Lock and Bridge 19.

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