Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Signal permits...

Above, Caxton moored at Scholar Green on the Macclesfield Canal on Monday evening.

The signal permits me to load a series of photo's taken on Sunday and Monday which is a retrospective glimpse of our journey up from Etruria and the junction of the Cauldon Canal on to the Macclesfield Canal.
Above, Caxton turning on to the Mac from the Trent and Mersey Canal.

The South Portal of the Harecastle Tunnel. Only one tunnel is now operational, where there was once three. A one way system is in operation so Caxton and Matilda Rose had to wait for an hour and a half for their turn through the 2926 yards. Myself and Jill with the four dogs walked over the top, a two mile walk at most, meeting the boats as they emerged from their subtereanean transit.
Above, one of the defunct tunnel entrances.

Caxton queues and fills the water tank.
Our mooring on Sunday night, Westport Lake with a denuded Caxton prepared for her trip through the Harecastle Tunnel.
Breasted up with Matilda Rose whilst both boats are refuelled at Black Prince, Festival Park Marina. No issue with self declaration though the chap serving us was bemoaning the hassle involved - shame...

A bit of serious bridge engineering en route up the T&M.

What Stoke-on-Trent WAS all about, the Potteries...
The distinctive 'bottle kilns' of this part of the world.

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