Friday, 7 August 2009

Stepping Back in Time

A couple of days ago we walked across the fields to look at Little Moreton Hall, the National Trust's iconic Tudor 'black and white' house. It was closed. Yesterday afternoon we returned to join the NT and see the house. We were in time to join the last guided tour and we were all glad we did because the knowledge and skill of the guide in bringing to life this wonderful building was extremely worthwhile. The view above is taken from the inner courtyard of the rear portion of the house.
Above, this 'nook' built into the chimney is most likely to store the bees hive in winter. The only sweetener was honey so looking after the bees was important. Below, the gardener had been at work in the knot garden at the rear of the house and you can see where he has started the annual task of clipping the box hedging by hand.
Below, the rear of the house from the elizabethan knot garden.
How the other half lived, part eight.....

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