Thursday, 3 September 2009

Boars Head and Spice

We eat out last night at the Boars Head Higher Poynton which is minutes walk from the canal. A pleasant meal at reasonable prices, eg. smoked haddock fish cakes, steak and kidney pie, ham, eggs and chips,smoked haddock fillet with spinach and three sweets for £40.10. Not three bad.
We walked to the pub dressed in full wet gear yet we had walked for eight miles in the day in tea-shirts... Last night the rain and wind lashed Caxton and we expect winds to gust to 48mph today so we intend to stay put. There is a newly opened Morrison's in Poynton so I intend to walk in the couple of miles, shop and get a cab back with the groceries. Lot's of Co-Op's in this part of the world but they tend to keep a limited range and I need to replace a lot of spices and nuts etc. in sensible sized packs not over priced under sized sachets.

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