Tuesday, 1 September 2009

How the other half lived..

We moved down the Macclesfield Canal this morning early to get water from Lord Vernon's Wharf and see if we could moor on the flash after bridge 15. This location would give us good access to Lyme Park House and it was time use our new National Trust Membership and see the house/palace. Above, Caxton blocking the arm to Braidbar Boats while we wait our turn on the water point. We waited about 45 minutes but used the time to fill up with diesel and get another bottle of gas. Just after 11am we set off to walk to Lyme Park from bridge 15 which is approximately a mile. Above, the National Trust clearing up after having had a dry stone wall rebuilt on the estate. Leaving our dogs with Graham and Jill of NB Matilda Rose, we headed in to view the House. Formerly a Tudor Manor the Lords Newton had it converted into this Italianate Palace in the 1700's. This grandiose conversion was financed by the coal mines that the family owned in Cheshire. Apparently the house was only occupied three months of any year because the owners were in London at their Town residence. The house was beautiful but I can't help feeling that there is just a little injustice when people could afford this level of opulence on the backs of miners and the like....
Above and below, a view of the Cheshire Plain from the Hunting Lodge.

Below, a cats cradle of springs between NB Matilda Rose and Caxton.

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