Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Manchester here we come

Off we set this morning at 9.30 in grey and blustery conditions, what a change in the weather! Tea shirts and sunshine yesterday contrasting with wet weather gear and rain today.
I walked the dogs and was soon joined by Jill and the mutts from NB Matilda Rose (MR). Within a couple of miles we encountered a fellow rowing a 'stick' along the cut. Graham on MR had passed the rower and warned that there was another boat following. Joe had moved Caxton to the right and slowed to almost a standstill when the rower shot through the bridge hole heading for Caxton. Jill and I starting yelled like banshees, "Mind the boat, there's a BOAT, MIND THE BOAT!!!" but on he came and cracked his blade into Caxton's bow. Now the interesting thing was that it was Joe's fault apparently. If Joe had only realised that he had a levitation button aboard the boat he could have used it, or at least run Caxton into the bank. Going backwards at speed unsighted and oblivious to shouted warnings was nowt to do with it - men!!!
Here area series of images from our journey into Manchester.

Here we are entering the Castlefield Basin, our mooring in the heart of the City tonight.

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