Sunday, 25 October 2009

Portland Basin to Romiley

We left our moorings close to Portland basin this morning and headed off towards Marple. Our aim was to pick up a supply of cut timber we had spotted whilst walking the dogs and get ourselves closer to the start of lock flight that will get us up to Marple.

Our first bridge, a lift bridge opened by yours truly with the help of four supervising dogs and closed by Jill.
Here a rather attractively renovated canalside warehouse...

Graham at the helm of Matilda Rose as she comes through a turnover bridge.

Interesting stern on that boat on the left, could it be a cut and shut perhaps? Caxton looming into view in the background.

The four dogs heading up and over yet another turnover bridge.

Alone again, Jill has been summoned back aboard Matilda Rose to 'get the bread out of the oven' whilst I continue alone the towpath with Floyd and Fletcher.

Here we are three hours later moored at Romiley. The plan was to stop for lunch at a pub and move on after lunch to the bottom of the locks. The heavens opened, the Friendship Inn was doing Sunday lunches for a fiver so plans to continue our cruise were put to bed - another day tomorrow....

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