Thursday, 5 November 2009

Walk to Bugsworth

Yesterday morning I had the job of transferring Graham's car (tank) to Bugsworth Basin our next 'port of call' and then walking back to meet the two boats as they made their way along to Bugsworth. We were last here in mid August and I expected to see quite a few winter moorers here at the basin but no, almost deserted. The advantage of covering the same ground is that you have a idea where it is good to moor etc. and the best Bugsworth moorings were vacant and beckoning us in.
As you can see from the photo's, the morning walk was in weak winter sunshine, a nip in the air ensured a brisk walk to keep oneself warm. There were hardly any boats about but plenty of local dog walkers and hikers on the move.
Above, looking out across the Goyt Valley towards New Mills and beyond. Today we are planning a trip to the Blue John mines at Castleton and over the next few days we plan to walk some of the scenic Derbyshire dales, Monsal and Dove and Millers maybe.


Paul said...

Hi Lesley
You are very lucky to be able to walk across the countryside with your dogs.Here in oz you have no right of way across any fields etc,most of the beautiful areas are designated national parks (no dogs)Dogs are not allowed on any of Sydney beaches, dogs are not allowed in any pubs or their gardens,and are not allowed on buses trains etc.
This is one of the reasons we are returning to the UK after 30 years here, the dogs are a huge part of our lives and it really pisses me off!
And this is in a country 59 times larger than England and a third of its population....Rant Over. Paul

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Paul
Blimey mate, I don't blame yer for havin a 'raant' - get yourself back here ASAP - the pubs sell real beer and welcome your dogs! (well most do) A pub up here in northernland, The White Lion Disley, actually serves your dog a meal if you are eating there!
When are you returning to blighty?

paul said...

I will be in the UK this Friday actually. Off to a marine trade show in Amsterdam on 16/11 back to the UK 20/11 my brother has hired a narrow boat for a few days so that should be fun. Back to Oz 27/11.
Planning to be back long term in 3-4 years, pay mortgage off first etc. Fantastic xchange rate at the moment,pity we are not ready to go now. England seems positively cheap!!

Nb Caxton said...

Enjoy your cruising with your brother - hopefully the weather will be good for you!!!