Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A cracking cruise

Yesterday was a cracking cruise down from Higher Poynton to the Adelphi Mill at Bollington, ice on the cut 90% of the way.  Caxton cracked and crushed the ice all the way but it wasn't very thick at all.  The frigid conditions made walking the towpath with the two dogs so much better - much less gloop and gunk to be removed from canine legs and undersides than of late.  Once moored I scuttled down the steps from the aqueduct into the town and located the Co-op stores, fresh milk and bread gathered I then got back and heated some soup for lunch. 
I am not sure that everyone appreciated our cruise yesterday though.  Passing one lady who was standing on the gunwale of her boat polishing her windows it was evident from her stern expression and the fact that she chose to ignore Joe's cheery greeting, not once but twice, that perhaps she thinks boats should not move in slightly icy conditions. Ah, well... it takes all sorts.


Anonymous said...

All sorts are certainly what you get (!) - we had a few 'looks' when we broke the ice back in January but maybe it was because of the noise - louder than a generator!

Wasn't it a great day for cruising yesterday - I had a few hours cruising and it was fantastic.

Sue, Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Sue
Yesterday was a lovely day for cruising indeed. I neglected to mention on the blog that Joe suggested 'disaprroving women window cleaners' might prefer a bungalow instead of a boat- I am going to have to gag him or disguise Caxton!

Anonymous said...

Indigo Dream is sporting a false mustache across the bow - they'll never spot her now :-)