Saturday, 26 December 2009

Do people live in there Dad?

Well that is done and dusted for another year and here we are entering Boxing day.  Boxing day last year we were moored at Foxton and after a very quiet Christmas day suddenly the world and his brother turned up wearing the 'boxing day sweater' - every few minutes another group of legs went past the boat.  Children's voices uttered the  "Do people live in there Dad?" as eager little faces were pressed against the portholes to check on this new and fascinating environment.    I have aleady been asked, 'Is is warm in there?' and 'How do you wash?' - the latter question because I looked scrubbed up rather than in need of a dowsing I hope? 
I fully expect that today we will find ourselves inundated with walkers and families eager to escape the confines of the house and there will be many more little faces pressed against the glass for a quick recce asking Dad if people live in there? 
And of course we do, lucky blighters that we are! 


Captain Ahab said...

And there was me thinking you were referring to Shugborough Hall!

Evelyn Booth said...

Seasons Greetings Lesley and Joe,

My best 'urchin peering through porthole story' was at Ellesmere Port some years ago........

Cupped hands around small face, nose flattened...

"Oooh Look, they use knives and forks in there"

Cheers, Evelyn and Graham Booth

Nb Caxton said...

Hello Evelyn
Lovely to hear from you and hope well are both OK.
Of course we realise that you and Graham are a bit posh and use knives and forks but it was obviously a surprise to the little guy - aren't they lovely?
Take care
Lesley and Joe and the boys

Nb Caxton said...

I don't think our coal supply would keep us too warm in Shugborough Hall - we will stick to Caxton..