Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Flying through Bosley

Picking up from Sunday morning; Jill and I got the dogs and ourselves into the Pajero and headed off to Oakgrove, the first obstacle on the canal, a swing bridge.  We walked the dogs back along the cut until we saw the bow of Matilda Rose hove into view then it was a quick about turn to operate the swing bridge.  A quiet Sunday morning, no traffic about to speak of and an electrically operated bridge.  As soon as both boats had gone through we closed the bridge and removed the company back to the car and our next port of call, the first of the locks on the Bosley flight.

 Here we parked the car in a lay-by and waited at the services for the two boats to arrive.  Matilda Rose pulled onto the pump-out and Caxton onto the water and while we serviced the boats I got on board to make tea.  The kettle had just gone on when a head appeared in the cratch and a shout rang down the boat... it was David and Linda, fellow boaters who live at here abouts, they had arrived to help us down the flight! Teas all round then we were off, Caxton leading and preparing locks for Matilda Rose.  One hour thirty minutes for Caxton and one hour twenty-two minutes for MR to descend twelve locks - good going!  We moored at Dane Aqueduct, prepared a caldron of home made soup and cut up a loaf of bread made that morning and we all enjoyed a well earned lunch together - thank you kindly the NB.Critical Point crew for all your help.

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