Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Settling in for Christmas

Last Thursday we moved down to Great Haywood from our overnight mooring at Weston-upon-Trent.  Having spent most of the Summer seeing next to no boats and the Autumn and onset of Winter seeing even less, Great Haywood was a veritable 'Piccadilly Circus', boats shuffling everywhere to get at the water point and the Anglo Welsh diesel pump.  We filled Caxton's water tank and then did a quick dance with another boat to get onto the diesel pump, with Matilda Rose (MR) breasting up with us we filled both tanks with fuel at 68p per litre.  With the two boats serviced we headed of to find a mooring below Essex Bridge where we would be able to stay throughout the Christmas period.  As you know from yesterday's post, we have been off to see our family, leaving Graham and Jill to boat-sit Caxton and now it is their turn to head for Norfolk while we stay here and tend MR.  We have miles of walking here abouts, two village inns and several shops to provide essentials, a depository for our rubbish at the junction just above us and hopefully enough water in the tank to see us through until we can move off.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Good to see they are coming to God's Country for Christmas, are they staying with the Queen?

Nb Caxton said...

HI Harnser
Not this time, only Jill's 91 year Mum, Nancy.

paul said...

All the best for Christmas and have a Happy New Year.
From a hot and sunny Sydney
Paul the Aussie blog follower

Nb Caxton said...

Happy Christmas Paul
We are iced in with a few inches of the white stuff outside, the central heating has just been put on as I got out of the sack and I have just banked up the wood burner - we are cozy! You can look forward to all this in a few years time matey...Oh by the way, the Middleton Arms here in Great Haywood is VERY dog friendly so the four of us will offer you a toast of real ale and pork scratchings on Christmas morning!
Take care