Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Wait and see

I have spoken to Streethay and we will have their estimates for work on Caxton tomorrow.   And tomorrow, we move off from our mooring here at Scholar Green to Kidsgrove; we are booked to go through the Harecastle Tunnel Friday morning.  We plan to moor at Etruria over the weekend and hopefully I will get the chance to visit the museum and grinding mill - if they are open that is.


Anonymous said...

Hi, The Red Bull moorings are probably the nicest in Kidsgrove. Great pub too and a short walk to a major supermarket. Hope you enjoy your trip through the tunnel - watch for the glow in the dark skeleton!


Nb Caxton said...

Thank you Anon. Himself will be alone on Caxton unless it is truly teeming with rain - the dogs and I will be going up and over the top through Bathpool..