Thursday, 3 December 2009

Waiting Game

We are staying here at Gurnett Aqueduct for a couple of days a) we awaiting a visit from the Man from Delmonte Streethay Wharf who is going to access assess the work required to 'tweak' Caxton and b) we are waiting for NB Matilda Rose to catch us up.   So this morning I had a look on-line to see if there was a bus from here into Macclesfield.  There is but, it involves walking for seventeen minutes catching a number 1 bus for a two minute journey - perhaps we will give the bus a miss then. 
Joe has found a motor factors that has the oil filters that Caxton requires as a fraction of the price of the chandlers so he will go in this morning while I clean the boat and then I will go in this afternoon while the three males mess it up again - joke...


Bruce in Sanity said...

Motor factors, where?

Good luck with Ray1


Martin said...

Do you mean he's going to assess the access required? :)

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Bruce
The supplier is Macclesfield Motor factors, Newton Street Macclesfield.

Nb Caxton said...

My error has been corrected - thanks