Wednesday, 30 December 2009

We're going backwards after Christmas

We backed up through the thin ice, and through the lock, and through more thin ice until we got to the waterpoint at the junction on Monday .  We then proceeded to gorge ourselves on water related activities, washing machines on, long showers and washed boats, we were in aqua heaven!  The plan was to fill with water and then turn down the Staffs and Worcs to moor at Tixal wide where we could catch up on all things laundry before winding (turning) the boat and returning for fresh supplies of water. Not to be.  The ice on the Staffs and Worcs was still too thick and there were too many boats, particularly the plastic variety, that could be damaged by our passage. 
So we revised our plans. 
Caxton backed up through the bridge and moored by Great Haywood marina and Matilda Rose pulled forward and moored above the lock.
Tuesday we have drove into Stafford town and had a look around, hit M&S with my Christmas vouchers - thank you Mum - and found the Tesco store to buy essential provisions; porridge, Tesco Finest porridge, the BEST!  
I have bought three boxes of the stuff just in case we don't come across a Tesco's for a while

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