Thursday, 7 January 2010

Eight Degrees

We survived! Eight degrees in the cabin when we woke this morning but the fire had stayed in and the dogs were cosy in their beds by the hearth.  Heating is now on, Greyhound Delivery Services Inc. are expected any moment with medicinal brandy supplies all the way from Surrey (see comment from NB Indigo Dream yesterday) the tea is made and all is well in frozen Staffs. 
Joe bought a 10ltr collapsable water container yesterday and we going to use that to get some water today from the BW services here at Great Haywood.  We think that 30ltrs a day will provide for all our needs with the laundry just having to wait until such time as things thaw. Keep warm everyone!


Anonymous said...

If you get really short of clean clothes you can buy a token at Great Haywood Marina and use their laundry room which has a washer and a dryer. It is available to non moorers.

Nb Caxton said...

HI Anon
Thank you for that tip I will go across tomorrow and have a look see..