Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Guess what I saw today?

Do you recall boaters, all the furore last year about the cost of installing unnecessary wooden bollards at single locks?  The humiliation heaped on the heads of British Waterways senior management by the boating fraternity for wasting money and resources on lock-side lumps of lumber that were no use to man or beast?  Guess what I saw today?
Three vans,
Three workmen,
Three wooden bollards.
As of today, Great Haywood Lock is now sporting three brand new wooden bollards!  The bottom gate is still pxxxing water but we had three vans and three men fitting bollards, go figure..
Maybe BW have a warehouse full of these trip hazards that need using up.  Can I suggest that in the current inclement conditions there might be a better use for them - we would gladly burn a few on our fire and I am sure that other boaters would be only too pleased to offer the same solution to BW's supply dilemma. 
The silly season continues it seems...


Captain Ahab said...

You can borrow my chainsaw if you like. I skinned my shin something rotten on one in the spring.

I hope you guys are not going too stir crazy at Gt Haywood. I fear that I cant see is clearing anytime soon.

Capt Ahab

Anonymous said...

I thought you were falling back on old games to keep yourself entertained - I spy with my little eye.....snow, ice, sow ice... ooooh vans, bollards - how exciting - not useful, just exciting :-)

Sue, Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Andy
We expect to be here for at least another week the way the freeze is going - not much to be done about it I'm afraid and though it is tiresome there are compensations - we could be stuck in the middle of nowhere and suffering deprivations too bleak to consider..
Thanks for the offer of the chain saw but I think the remodelling might get noticed and then I would be looking at the ice and snow from my remand accomodation.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Sue, You could be right and I am regressing - childrens games, then thumb sucking perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Am so glad you said they were put in yesterday. I walk past the lock most days and thought I was seeing things this morning. I even came back and looked at photos I had taken at the lock over Christmas to make sure that they had only just appeared. The weather is rotten, boaters are struggling with frozen water pipes etc and good old BW thinks "bollards"!!! to you all. Sorting out Colwich lock would have been better - it was almost impossible to shut the bottom gates when we came through in December and that was AFTER the closure for maintenance.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Anon
Yes, you were not seeing things.. I am going to try and load a couple of photo's but the single is not that good at present.

Halfie said...

Make it a double, then!

Nb Caxton said...

Ho HO Ho Halfie. I thought, 'what is he on about?' then I looked at my typo - what a pratt I am!