Saturday, 2 January 2010

A little more elbow room

We have had a number of visits aboard Caxton from the team at Streethay and we have tentatively agreed to having work done.  At present though, we are awaiting a written quote.  
We have a verbal estimate for putting a four foot stretch in the bow, creating a hold under the elongated well deck, fitting steel doors (like those of a beer cellar) into the new deck that will not let water in to the boat  and a new cratch cover. 
We also have an estimate for a revised dinette that will give us more usable floor space in the saloon - two labradors take up quite a bit of space don't yer know..
We also have price for building more cupboards in the galley. 
We are awaiting a price for constructing two glazed side hatch inserts that will  allow us to keep the side hatches open even in the most inclement weather. 
If all is finalised and agreed Streethay anticipate starting the work in mid February.  We will then drag our caravan out of storage and find a pitch close to Streethay Wharf where we can be at hand so to speak. 


Captain Ahab said...

A Seethay Stretch, that will be a fascinating project to follow. I have seen some really good examples of their work with the extra bit being indistinguishable form the original.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Captain
We went and had a look at several examples of Streethay's work and as you say, the stretch is indistinguisable. We will be reporting on the work but Canal Boat Magazine are going to cover the stretch from the boat owners viewpoint.

Captain Ahab said...

A magazine close to my heart.
I will be watching...
Capt A

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley Have you thought of having cameras fitted to the bow with a screen to help Joe with the manoeuring

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Anon
No cameras, he can just go bump! Truthfully, although we all know size DOES matter, 4ft extra will not make much difference to handling one of these bath tubs..