Monday, 22 February 2010

And on the Port Side

The port side panel has been tacked in place - above.
The\side panel has been welding to the base plate - above
Here is the new bulkhead on the left -above, seperating the cabin from the new hold area.

Paul and Lynne of Nb Piston Broke called over this morning to have a look at the progress being made on Caxton and having seen it we all ambled off to the Old Plough to discuss solar panels....


Dave Winter said...

Seeing those skittles and cheeses in the pub brought back memories when I used to play in the local league.Sadly all gone now.
Great to watch progress of the stretch.

Lesley NB Caxton said...

Doesn't the 'cheese' go off after a while Dave?
Silly woman, I know. We haven't seen anyone playing the game though.

Anonymous said...

Ohh unlike all the others, that side panel weld looks a bit of rough.

Nice pictures of welds here:

and here

I have no idea what sort of charges people like these want:


Nb Caxton said...

Hi Richard
Thanks for the links.