Thursday, 25 February 2010

Gunwales and New top-plank

Leaning against Caxton's dismantled cratch board above is the new top plank.  A fine piece of ash, over nine feet long and inch an half thick.  You can see the original top plank alongside it. 

New stretchs of gunwale awaiting preparation and painting.
Nearly there now.  Just hatch doors, and a bilge-box and Caxton is ready for painting.  We are now a scupperless boat as the creation of a hold now means we cannot have scuppers (drain holes from the deck) in case we inadvertantly flood the hold.


Anonymous said...

No drain holes!!!
Must mean a mop and bucket then :-)

The stretch is looking fantastic.

Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Julie, we are very pleased with how things are progressing. There will be drain holes into the bilge tank and an automatic pump that will keep things dry.