Friday, 5 March 2010

Caravan returned to storage

Joe went off yesterday morning with the caravan behind him.  He should return today having safely stored the caravan again until we need it next time.  We did seriously consider selling the 'van but living aboard a boat in a ditch miles away from where it is stored was not conducive to this plan and the benefit has meant we had somewhere to live in comfort while Caxton was stretched. 
So, with Joe gone the boys and I washed and waxed Caxton - I did the work and they did the supervising..   The roof also needs a good scrub but I cannot lift the top-box off so Himself will have to do that and instead I will catch up on shovelling out the inside of the boat today.  Where does all this mess come from I ask? - the answer might be two great hairy black labradors sprawled in front of the fire - they might just have be something to do with it..

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