Friday, 19 March 2010

Nearly time to go

Today should be our last day in and around Braunston for the foreseeble future.  Nb Matilda Rose will have her new cratch cover fitted this morning, Jill and myself will get our hair cut in Daventry, provisions will be purchased from Aldi and Tesco and then we should be off through the tunnel and starting our journey towards Aylesbury.  Although we are going onto the Fens for the summer we don't intend to start up the R. Nene until the beginning of May so we thought a trip southwards to Milton Keynes and Aylesbury would suit our plans.


James said...

Ooh, exciting. You must come and visit us out in the Fens. We're heading towards the canals in the last week of July or so, and away over August, so perhaps our paths- and those of Fletcher, Floyd, and Lyra!- may cross at some point.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi James
We would love to meet up with y'all. We expect to be on the Gt. Ouse in June so I think we will have plenty of time to get acquainted before you escape to 'ditchland'.