Friday, 12 March 2010

Oy, big nose!

Look at the 'nose' on that! 

I sat with the two dogs in the well deck while Joe winded (turned) the boat at The Bridge Inn Napton, what a LOT of space!  Mind you, we are gradually filling it up with the usual boating detritus at the moment.. 
We went for a meal at The Bridge Inn on Wednesday evening and VERY good it was too.  Dog friendly, so all four mutts enjoyed the evening in front of a roaring fire with the inevitable  pork scratchings rations.  Meanwhile the humans enjoyed somewhat finer home cooked fare.  Whitebait, chicken liver pate and garlic mushrooms, sea bass, steak and ale pie, spaghette bolognese and butternut squash bake followed by ice and bread and butter pudding to die for - and that was just Graham's dinner!  Joke...  It was excellent and I would make a point of dining there again when in this neck of the woods.

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