Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Whilst moored at Slapton we took a trek around using the many public footpaths.  
Above are the Slapton churchyard 'lawnmowers' and a fine job they have been doing in keeping the grass well manecured.  They also seem to have adopted the role of  'guardsheep' - no barking or growling but a persistent stalking of anyone in their domain.  Now this doesn't present a problem for me but a certain labrador who goes by the name of Fletcher was not enamoured by finding this bunch trailing him..
Here is Slapton Church.  The stone tower has been given a distinctive coat of what I think might be limewash leaving it a light creamy colour.  The body of the church has been rendered in cement, again to protect it at some stage and the red brick addition is probably Victorian?  

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