Friday, 25 June 2010

Ely revisited

Bishop's Palace Ely.  Tudor brick, enormous and very grand.

This house is directly opposite the Bishop's abode, looking across the green.  There is a plaque on the wall just where the lady is passing that commemorates the burning to death at the stake of a number of local people in 1555.  These deaths would have been at the tale end of Mary's reign I think, another year or so and they would have been safe as Anglicans as Elizabeth had ascended to the throne. 
A view of Ely Cathedral walking up the hill from the river.
This establishment, now two shops, still displaying its advertising hoarding from pre railway days.

Detail of the cathedral wall.

This little filly was taking a nap in the heat and oblivious to all and anyone.
A gateway into the cathedral grounds, now part of a school.
I had walked into Ely yesterday morning with the two dogs and this is the view of the Cathedral above the railway station as one enters the town.

Early morning and the blue blossoms of linseed are just opening.
Caxton quieting moving off of our mooring on her journey back into Ely.
Ely Cathedral

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