Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Heading for Upwell

Matilda Rose mooring against the bank just outside Upwell
Caxton 'moored' on the lock landing - instruction/permission of the lock keeper.

Plenty of these hereabouts..
Approaching Marmont Priory lock and the welcome sight of trees!
MP lock
Leaving March we headed for a suitable quiet mooring immediately outside of the town.  We had been told that a mile or so away was a mooring alongside a wind farm - there wasn't.  We pushed on. And on. And arrived at Marmont Priory lock.  We should have called the lock keeper and arranged our transit but failed to do so -  grovelling apologies in order and delivered!   Maureen, the lock keeper, allowed Caxton to moor on the lock landing overnight and MR headed for a precarious mooring against a field; an accomodation to suit  Daisy the cat.  The next morning, having been kept awake by a the lock keeper's peacock ( roast peacock recipes rolling through ones mind overnight) we moved on to the village of Upwell and moored on the village moorings next to the church - more of which later. 


Anonymous said...

That's a flat landscape - you must have been pleased to see trees at MP lock! Loved the photos of your transit on the tideway at Salterslode (on MR's blog0.

We're enjoying our virtual cruise with you - all good for next year's planning!

Sue, Indigo Dream

Amy said...

Welcome to the Fens. Its a strange place!

We had a bizarre experience at Marmost priory Lockthe first time we went through it: we seemd to arrive in the middle of a massive family row, and were half expecting to hear shots ring out! the lock keeper then came over,cheerful as anything, as if nothing had happened!

See you soon! (what's your ETA in Cambridge?) We must go to the Fort pub - you can moor right outside.

Emma H said...

However, if you come into Cambridge and see a big fair on Midsummer Common, and no boats moored there DO NOT moor infront of the Fort St George on the visitor moorings. This is the infamous Midsummer Fair. Head down to the visitor moorings on Jesus Green.

Emma H said...

However, if when you arrive in Cambridge you see a massive fair on Midsummer Common (opposite the boathouses) & usually no narrowboats moored there. DO NOT moor outside the Fort St George, this is the infamous Midsummer fair.
Instead continue on to the visitor moorings on Jesus Green up by the lock, Jess will welcome you with open paws (& possibly a snarl like smile!).

Nb Caxton said...

This is not to be missed and we have barely scratched the surface. The Nene was glorious the middle level through route was much better than I had anticipated and we have only just got on the Gt Ouse so it is all to play for! I thinks you are going to have to do some deals with the boatyards/marinas over here so that you can stay long enough to do justice to this part of the waterways - that or a sabatical?

Nb Caxton said...

I haven't a clue when will arrive in Cambridge but please advise when we should avoid the town. We could do a dirty dash or we could meander along the tributaries until we get to you - the planning committee has planned anything for a wee while so I will have to bang the gavel for some attention!

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Emma
We look forward to meeting yo'all soon!