Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hot spot

You know I mentioned yesterday that Joe thought the presence of a 68' steel barge was not likely to be very welcome amongst the weekend boating fraternity - well I think he was right.  By early Saturday morning we were sharing the GOBA mooring with 14 GRP cruisers, some breasted three deep.  We had a fractured night's sleep on Friday as various groups returned to their boats from The Lazy Otter, the last lot at 1am.   Yesterday the party got going  early and the afternoon was filled with games, model boat races and powered model boat displays, a laughing policeman competition, an invasion of a narrowboat crew's quiet reading space plus a group bbq fun, fun, fun.
This morning our generator is running.
We took a walk to Stretham Old Engine in the afternoon but sadly it was not open as advertised in the guide book.  This was built in 1831 and housed a steam driven beam engine to lift water from the fenland into the river.  The steam engine drove a 36' diameter scoop wheel at 4rpm and lifted 30 tonnes of water per revolution.  We will have to try and see this on our return journey.

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