Sunday, 11 July 2010

A short stay at the Hemmingfords

We watered Caxton and left the lovely St. Ives on Thursday last, heading a short cruise away to GOBA moorings at Hemmingford Grey.  These moorings would provide easy access to the villages of Hemmingford Grey and it's immediate neighbour, Hemmingford Abbotts and also Houghton; we were looking forward to a couple days exploring but....
Saturday was scheduled as REGATTA time and we were told that our great lump of steel would be in the way.    We could reverse onto the town moorings and stay for the spectacle which would start at 10am and finish at 7pm but we declined the invite and at the crack of dawn on Friday we slipped quietly away to find ourselves another mooring.  The regatta is between the two villages and was established in 1908?  Anyone villager over the age of eight years can take part there being no upper age limit.

On Thursday afternoon we did have a wander about though.  Cottages in Hemmingford Abbots - note that the back of the roof is thatch and the front is slate.

Thatched cottages in abundance - this one has been recently 'capped' see the different in colour of the roof and you can just make out the figure leaning against the chimney stack..
And here it is in detail
Dawn on Friday and we are off again..

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Anonymous said...

So enjoying your posts - it's the best of both worlds. We can have our adventures on the thames while doing a virutal tour with you.

Having major dilemmas now - go back to the Nene next year or head north for a greyhound bundle on the Trent with Greygal. It's not a BAD dilemma though......

Sue, Indigo Dream

ps. regards to MR..