Saturday, 17 July 2010

The sky's the limit

A Public Footpath through a wild flower meadow at Great Barford follows the river towards Bedford, joining a cycle path that was formerly the Cambridge to Bedford railway line - thanks Mr Beeching.  Yesterday I went off with the two dogs heading towards Bedford leaving Joe to finish work on our modified dinette.
The Barford bridge from the upstream side is fabricated in red brick, downstream is stone..
An ex-lock.  This is the remains of Barford Mill lock and there is something rather familiar about the dimensions - narrowboat sizes!
Ripe and ready for harvesting, a barley crop.
The sky last night was something to behold and the reflections from the bridge were stunning.


Amanda said...

Stunning sky photos Lesley. How is the modified dinette looking?


Anonymous said...

Long time no post - hope you're all fit and well.


Sue, Indigo Dream

Sue said...

Hope you are all ok, I'm missing your blog entries!

Nb Caxton said...

Sue and Sue
All is well I just fancied a break from the blog and a visitor on the boat for ten days left little time to think about blogging.