Thursday, 12 August 2010

A change of dinette

We have changed the dinette in Caxton from the pullman style we had stipulated when Caxton was built to this new arrangement.  When we initally considered making changes to Caxton we wanted to free up a bit more living space in the saloon and thought that an L-shaped dinette might well offer a little more 'floor space' where a dog and his bed could find a home.   Joe then thought that a simple bench/settee would be more advantageous if we wanted more usable space so earlier this summer he dismantled the dinette and built a side bench.  Once were were convinced that this configuration worked for us we contacted John Hunt Upholstery in Peterborough  and had a couple of new cushions made and covered in leather to match the chairs.

The dinette is 27" deep, 75" long and the back cushion is shaped to provide support for the lower back.  The change has provided more space day to day, we still have a comfortable dining arrangement but we have also gained a great place to slob or doze or read a book.


Debbie said...

Really lovely, and well thought out. I have to admit I love to see the inside of other peoples boats, does that make me a nosey boater? Lol!

bob said...

Nicely done!

Captain Ahab said...

Very good - I like it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley and Joe

The new dinette looks fantastic, did Joe make it himself? We are very impressed, certainly gives more space. Love to read the blog and Jill's too, sounds like you are all still having a great time on the Ouze. Best Wishes to you all.

Doug and James (ex nb. Spirit)

Amanda said...

Looks like it has always been there! Lovely job.

Loved the Canal Boat article. No sight of you though.

What are your plans? Would love to catch up with you.

Amanda and David

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Debbie
I think most of like to see how other boats are laid out and adorned and if that means we are nosey well so be it...
I am glad you like it.

Nb Caxton said...

Thnak you Bob, I will pass on your comments to Himself.

Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Andy, it works for us!

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Doug and James
We are certainly enjoying these waters and will definitely be coming back another year. The dinette was all Joe's handiwork using the materials from the former structure. We promised ourselves that if the 'mock-up' worked we would get a qualified joiner to build it properly but Joe has done an excellant job anyway so we are going to leave be.
Godd to hear from you and we hope all is going well for you both.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Amanda and David
Doesn't look too bad does it? We are heading back to Denver and should be there Wednesday next week as we are booked through on Thursday afternoon. We are then heading for March where we will pick up the Kiwi's, Dot and Derek (Nb Gypsy Rover), and cruise to Ramsey and leave Caxton at Bill Fen for three weeks. You are welcome to join us if you want to meet another couple of former liveaboards?

Sue said...

Hi Lesley,
The dinette looks so good with the new cushions. Enjoy!