Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A couple of weeks ago....

Having left Bedford a couple of weeks ago we made our way to St.Neots where we moored on the park and awaited the arrival of FAMILY.  The Family stayed for the day, eat us out of boat and home and left us with Nephew Jack or 'lock-boy'.

Jack  trying out my new folding bicycle - the former had collapsed - with a game of cycle football with Floyd.
Jack, in charge
The sight most mornings when I walked through the boat to make the tea, an unconscious Jack and an opportunistic Floyd!

Most days we had been cruising and were arriving at our planned destination as sleepy head emerged from his 'coma'.

Below - And while Jack was sleeping this is what he missed as we slipped quietly out of St Ives early in the morning


Anonymous said...

Thank heavens - It thought you'd all been press ganged by priates in them dastardely fens - glad you're still afloat and enjoying the scenery.

Sue, Indigo Dream

Captain Ahab said...

Good article on your "nose job" in this months Canal Boat. It seems an eternity since I followed the transformation on the blog.