Friday, 20 August 2010


My husband is a hero!  He took Caxton out through Denver sluice into the tideway and with what looked like years of experience and assuredness slipped her neatly around the awkward turn into Salters Lode lock. No bumps, no scrapes - it actually looked as if he knew what he was doing and the Lockie was suitably impressed - so was I naturally... 

And the gate opens and there is the tideway

We are out on  neap tides, looking back at the Denver sluice.
So we are now back on Well Creek en route to Ramsay.  We are currently moored at Upwell and have  arranged two nights mooring in Fox Marina in March for Saturday and Sunday.  We took a leaf out of Amy and James book aboard Nb Lucky Duck who we managed to grab a very brief conversation with as they passed us on their way back to Cambridge - they promised to look after our mooring there!  On Monday we will pick up a couple of Kiwis, Dot and Derek of Gypsy Rover, and cruise down to Bill Fen together; they are in need of a narrowboat fix and we are very happy to oblige. 

Bye, bye Salters Lode...

Who let her have the helm???

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